Some days

Some days just feels like a good day to drown. To drown in your emotions and have the time to have a one on one session with yourself. How have you been lately? Was life hard on you? Why do you keep on missing your meals? Did you empty your sleeping pills? These days are rare. They don’t come all the time. You’re lucky if they come knocking in a day where deadlines aren’t that many and you’re actually free to feel. It sucks how we normalize feeling emotions but scheduling them. Like these are your days to hustle and […]

On karma and things that will always find its way

I’d be lying if I tell you I didn’t wish ill on anyone who hurt me. I’d be lying if I say, “Oh, I’ll just let the heavens do its thing, you know?” and move forward with my life. The truth is it will all be just pure sweet lies.

How I’ve been feeling lately

How have you been? I can’t believe we are still stuck here at the same scary pandemic thing. Last year, we might have thought all these horrible news will become a memory a year later. But here we are, after twelve months or so with little to bare minimum improvement. I would lie if I tell you I didn’t go out to have fun even when risks are high. Because I did. Even with all the rising cases all over social media, I pretty much did. Initially, I was paranoid. I kept spraying alcohol all over me with the high […]

Trauma 1

Today is sunny Tuesday afternoon. In my whole writing experience, it’s always easier to pour emotions when I am feeling sad, broken, down. Ah, name it! Basically anything that doesn’t equate to feeling okay or fine. It’s important to take advantage of what you feel while it hurts. No matter what time of the day it is or wherever you are, jot the pain down. Because once you get over it, and your heart has recovered, writing about that exact pain you have won’t be the same. I mean, it might still give the same aura or vibe. But the […]

January Faves

I know I’m a few days late but here’s me trying to share with you my January Faves anyway! These are the few things I discovered and been loving lately. Skincare I have tried a lot of Aloe Vera Gels in the market but among all, my most favorite one is from Mediheal. I sometimes change my moisturizer depending on my skin needs. If my skin is a little calm, I go with this one since my skin absorbs this easily. I love how lightweight and refreshing it is plus this would last for months for sure. Make Up I’ve […]

The Year 2020

Today is January 1st of 2021 but I am only writing now since I spent half of my last day of 2020 in bed. I wasn’t able to pick up my laptop and produce an energy to go back and reflect what has happened this year. Like all days and years, 2020 has taught me a lot. But on a more personal note, 2020 was a weak for me. At the same time, I was weak too. Not really at my weakest but I would say that I wasn’t as aggressive, as assertive, as strong, compared to all the previous […]

SB Planner Flip-Through

It’s the time of the year where people who usually run to Starbucks for coffee…. to collect stickers per 1 drink, and in return, after collecting 19 stickers, they would get a planner or an organizer. This is my third time getting a planner for Starbucks. I started year 2017 when I attempted writing again but actually fails. Lol. This has been Starbucks’ on going marketing scheme through the years and I am actually guilty of falling into it. So here goes a 2021 SB Planner Flip-Through. Thanks to my workmates who donate their stickers for me. Now I don’t […]

New York

I wanna bleed and write and pour every word in my veins I wanna be remembered as the girl who writes pain But I also wanna reach the sky and fill the heavens with sunshine I wanna live by the sea and let the deep consume me Or go to the city and ask whores how they’re feeling But maybe most of all I wanna do something out of love and be loved for it Like turning you to poetry and call it under your name 12-21-20


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