Hello, you.

Meet the writer ♡

Welcome to Dayang in Satin. I am very delighted to see you here in my own safe e-space. Today is my launch day and I’ve thought that there is no better content than literally introducing myself, as the writer behind this piece. But more than anything else, I really appreciate you for checking out my website. I poured my heart in making this lifelong commitment and decision and I really hope you’ll enjoy your stay every time you visit Dayang. Welcome!

For starters, let me introduce myself. My name is Icon hiding in the name of Dayang (which is now no longer hidden). I am 22 years old and I want to be a lot of things — which is why I made Dayang. She will be my persona.

I started writing when I was still in elementary and discovered it accidentally. During those times, we were bombarded with a lot of essay writings and I didn’t know it was something I really enjoyed doing. All I know was, I liked writing down stuff and it’s something I can finish quickly. I didn’t understand back then why my classmates are having a hard time completing their essays when it was something I can finish in a few minutes. Until the school needed a roster of participants for essay writing competitions and I remembered my young, passionate self joining and trying to audition even if I don’t get picked as the representative. At first, I was into singing (lol, my goodness) until I realized, I know how to sing, but I’m not the best at singing. Remembering those things make me laugh so hard and cringe at myself as well. As in… why? (haha)

From then on, my writing hobby continued. It was something I thought I was good at. It was something I enjoyed doing. It’s like, among all the things I can do, writing is my best bet. I write whenever I can and whenever a spur of emotions visit me. So I took Mass Communication at college because it was the closest course I can get where I can still write and express my best self. True enough, I excel in my subjects that require written outputs.

But like all writers (even not professionally but at heart), we all have our lost moments. Some days, months, or even years, you just can’t write. I mean, you can produce content but it’s not something you’re really proud of or something that was easy for you to finish, or something you found joy with as you write. As for me, it was something I had been battling for quite some time. I stop, I was inconsistent and there’s no drive in me to even hold a pen and stare at a paper and write whatever comes to my mind.

Now that I am older, and growing older as I speak, I decided that I want to write forever. Even if not professionally. Even if I get no money and even if I can’t be called a writer as one. All I know is, I want to keep on writing and I want to materialize all the bursts of emotions I feel. I want to see them existing and re-read them when I’m old and more busy. I want to share it with people who like to read, want to write, looking for ideas or fuel for their emotions. In general, I want to keep on writing for as long as I can. I would never want to stop again or make myself think twice if this is something I’m good at.

Dayang in Satin is my safe space. This is mine. This is where my heart (that is not looking for anything in return) expresses itself the purest way possible. I’d lie if I say I don’t want to be the best or be known for this. Of course, I do! But my main goal as to why I made Dayang in Satin a reality is because I want to express myself through writing which I’ve been doing for so long. And no amount of doubt should stop me from doing so, because myself should be my biggest believer.

So welcome, you. If you’re someone who wants to write as well, I hope you do. I hope you will. I hope you’ll never stop doing you. I hope this introduction made you remember what you really like to do and motivates you to keep on doing it.

Hold on to your dreams and all sorts of things you want to be for yourself. You are an investment as well. Radiate your shine through all of your days.

Yours with great admiration,

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