If you’re following Sunnies Face for quite some time, you would know that they rarely tease their new product launches. They just drop it like bombs!

Recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of “take a closer look” posts from their instagram account showcasing their iconic Fluff Matte packaging. It was hard to score, if I’m being honest. I took a closer look and see very minimal to no difference at all.

Until they posted another teaser photo. I honestly thought it was your ordinary lip primer since the product does not have any color. That being said, I didn’t hope for it so much. I thought I guessed it right.

Then came their newsletter with all the shades of what I thought was just a lip primer. Lip Treat shookt me out of my office chair. Finally, a new lip product release from Sunnies Face! 

Introducing — Lip treat, a sheer healthy lip glow

In other terms, I would say the Sunnies Face Lip Treat feels like your regular lip balm, but elevated and made sophisticated. Because again, it’s Sunnies Face. They could drop products like bombs and it would still go sold out. They are THAT good.

Here’s my in depth review: (or as in depth as I can)


As usual, the packaging is very simple yet sleek. The box was shiny. I love how they tried to mimic the product’s feel already using the box alone. Fluff Matte and Lip Dip’s boxes were matte. The box was also colored similarly with the shade. It contains their ingredients, bar code, manufacturing and expiry dates, and PAO which is 18 months. Basically, all necessary legal stuff.


Lip Treat’s packaging is like Fulffmatte’s except it is thinner. Still feels heavy which gives that expensive feels in my opinion. It’s 2.8 grams by the way.


Alright, I gotta be extra honest at this point. In my opinion, it’s really just your regular lip balm. Like the only thing that made Lip Treat extra special among all the other lip balms in the market is that it’s Sunnies Face. There’s nothing really super fancy with the ingredients (Shea Butter, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Collagen, Vitamin E). It kinda feels sticky but tolerable. Coverage is very sheer. And by very, I mean you need to swipe maybe 4 times to get the actual sheen of color. It makes your lips look healthy. Definitely has weight since it’s moisturizing. I honestly expected it to be more light weight. But all in all, I find the stickiness bearable. It also doesn’t have scent.


It’s a lip balm in a sophisticated form. You wouldn’t expect stain from it. It’s safe to say to have this on for 3 hours without any activity that involves the lips. Once you eat or drink, it would definitely transfer.

Shade Range: 

Hand swatches from top to bottom: Chill, Juice, Chai

They released 6 shades of choice. In this post, I have Juice which is a berry rose, Chill which is natural beige and Chai which is warm chestnut. The other three shades are: Jellyfish which is creamy clear, Sakura which is a warm pink and Poppy which is a bright tangerine. My favorite among all the shades would be Juice. It has a sheen of color but looks very natural. I think all shades are very sheer coverage wise. It’s really more of a treatment rather than a dose of color to express one’s mood or personality.

Price Point

Each bullet of Lip Treat costs Php 395.00. I would have to admit that it’s expensive but not expensive enough to be high end. I don’t think it’s over priced personally because Sunnies Face’s branding has always been one of the god-tier local brands in the market. They know who their market is — which is a market that is willing to spend more than typical lip balms

Where to shop

You can cop Sunnies Face products on Lazada and through their stores.


I wouldn’t say each shade is to die for. I mean, since it’s a lip balm, you wouldn’t really expect much pigment from it. It’s more of a skincare for the lips with an added color. Maybe get 1 or 2 shades and that would suffice. I’d give this a 7/10.

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