SB Planner Flip-Through

It’s the time of the year where people who usually run to Starbucks for coffee….

to collect stickers per 1 drink, and in return, after collecting 19 stickers, they would get a planner or an organizer.

This is my third time getting a planner for Starbucks. I started year 2017 when I attempted writing again but actually fails. Lol. This has been Starbucks’ on going marketing scheme through the years and I am actually guilty of falling into it.

So here goes a 2021 SB Planner Flip-Through. Thanks to my workmates who donate their stickers for me. Now I don’t have to consume thousands of pesos for a planner.

Year Overview (Teavana Youthberry Planner)

Pretty much still the same compared to the other planners. The layout of the pages are still similar to what they have before except that the dates are updated, of course. Before the whole planner pages starts, it has an overview calendar of 2021.

Month Overview

Each month has a calendar overview as well. Followed by daily spaces for each day in that particular month.

daily spaces for planning or for journaling

It also have free coffee stickers, a bookmark and vouchers to consume all year round.

I personally love this planner because of the minimalist design. It’s handy and it’s not too heavy. The only problem I can see with the Teavana Youthberry planner is that it might get dirty fast because of the material and color.

I personally use planners as journals. Whatever I think of, I jot it down. Could be a sudden idea or a journal entry of what happened that day. I recommend using planners/ journals although not necessarily from Starbucks but having something to write down whatever inspires you or how are you feeling.

Few days left before we say adios to 2020. How are you coping so far?

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