January Faves

I know I’m a few days late but here’s me trying to share with you my January Faves anyway! These are the few things I discovered and been loving lately.


I have tried a lot of Aloe Vera Gels in the market but among all, my most favorite one is from Mediheal. I sometimes change my moisturizer depending on my skin needs. If my skin is a little calm, I go with this one since my skin absorbs this easily. I love how lightweight and refreshing it is plus this would last for months for sure.

Make Up

I’ve been raving the Happy Skin Glossy Tint in my socials for the longest time because it’s something that I really really use and recommend to my friends. Among all the Happy Skin products I’ve tried, this one is the most worth it. It’s not too expensive plus it really finishes differently compared to other regular lip tints.


I’m currently in Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy already. It’s just so addicting. I watch it while I work and specially at night before I sleep. This one hits different since the characters are really unique from one another. My fave is Christina Yang and Alex Karev.

This podcast has been my go to podcast whenever I’m working and writing. The podcasters are Antoinette Jadaone and Juan Miguel Severo. I love how their content is super fun and chill and just entirely true. It feels like you’re actually hanging out with them as you listen.

This is actually a late discovery. It’s a show available at Amazon Prime called Modern Love. It is composed of different episodes based on real life events from essays submitted to New York Times. Real life stories hits me different and I really enjoy it. This balances my mood when Grey’s Anatomy is too heavy. Lol.

And that’s it for my January favorites!

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