Some days

Some days just feels like a good day to drown. To drown in your emotions and have the time to have a one on one session with yourself. How have you been lately? Was life hard on you? Why do you keep on missing your meals? Did you empty your sleeping pills?

These days are rare. They don’t come all the time. You’re lucky if they come knocking in a day where deadlines aren’t that many and you’re actually free to feel. It sucks how we normalize feeling emotions but scheduling them. Like these are your days to hustle and these are the only days where you can be humane to yourself. Where you can actually reevaluate what has been going on and how are you keeping up.

Can you still keep up?

Today feels like a good day to feel. To acknowledge you are hurt. To accept defeat. To be okay with getting tired and giving up.

Some days are always extra harder than the other.

My only question is, “how much more days?”