Hola! Welcome to Dayang in Satin. I know most people who’d visit my home already know me by my real name so there’s no point in hiding under a pen name or alias. But I figured that I want to separate my growing self into my writings. For some weird reasons and even at 22, I’m still developing my identity and personality. So for now, meet Dayang.

Inspired by The Band Perry’s “If I die Young” which is one of my classic favorite songs, the name Dayang popped out of the blue. I found myself fond of it and wanted it to be one of my ~nicknames~.

So basically, Dayang came from one’s idle mind , under the ceiling of high towers, while just listening to music, die young in satin.

In real life, I’m Icon. 22 years old. Still figuring out her equilibrium. When I’m confused and unable to decide which of one, I’d get two. I like making people laugh. I love making my loved ones happy by providing their material needs. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. My go to drink is Caramel Macchiato. I listen to music and wonder why songwriters are so good. I love sleeping and staying at home. I love makeup and skincare. But I think I love books more. I’m in a relationship with my total opposite. And he makes me incredibly happy

What People Say

Above all, I’m someone who wants to be a lot of things. No silver spoon on the mouth. Just pure survival (and a lot of tears).

Let’s build something together.

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