New York

New York

I wanna bleed and write

and pour every word in my veins

I wanna be remembered

as the girl who writes pain

But I also wanna reach the sky

and fill the heavens with sunshine

I wanna live by the sea

and let the deep consume me

Or go to the city

and ask whores how they’re feeling

But maybe most of all

I wanna do something out of love

and be loved for it

Like turning you to poetry

and call it under your name


The Best Every Day Lip Tint (with a touch of gloss!)

The Best Every Day Lip Tint (with a touch of gloss!)

Lip tints have been famous over the years in the cosmetic industry. Most of us pick lip tints over lipsticks because of the light weight formula and natural flush of color it gives.

There are so many lip tints available in the market from local brand to high end. I personally started with KJM tints, transitioned to Sooper Beaute’s and stop for a while. I mean, I still have lip tints in my collection but I was inlove with a bullet lipstick (which I will share soon too because it’s super underrated) I almost emptied it.

But now, given the new normal setting, choosing a lip product to use for the day does not only depend on the shade but also the formula. I’m someone who rarely retouches and I would really prefer something that is transfer proof so it doesn’t stain my mask. And so I thought, it’s gonna be a lip tint or a liquid lipstick.

Recently, Happy Skin released a new product called the Glossy Tints. It’s a combination of lip tint and gloss in one so your lips won’t look so dry. I tried one myself during their first released. I chose Crimson, a crushed berry.

from top to bottom – Crimson, Calm

The formula is liquid but not watery nor too thick. It’s just somewhere in between. Applicator is your regular doe-foot. It’s very light on the lips. Coverage is buildable but not buildable enough to be fully opaque. It smells like a fruity scent too! It’s long lasting since it leaves a stain and it doesn’t dry my lips as well. And most of all , when it sets, it has this little shine of gloss. Again, just a little!

What I love about the glossy tints is that it is transfer proof so there’s no need to worry that it’s gonna stain your mask. It’s perfect for everyday just to give a flush of color. It actually reminds me Romand’s Juicy Lasting Tint except that the Glossy Tints set.

The Kiss & Bloom Glossy Tint combines vivid, opaque color with a luscious, lustrous finish for a unique take on glossy lippies. This weightless creamy gel tint boasts a skin-caring formula that drenches lips in an intensely moisturizing layer, without compromising rich color payoff that lasts the whole day. The overall effect? Plump, pigmented lips that look like the juiciest, ripest fruit of the bunch.

Happy Skin on Glossy Tint

Each Glossy Tint contains 6ml of product and retails for Php 349.00 The only thing I wished is that the actual packaging’s color is closely similar to the shade. I think that would look cute!

Over all, I am obsessed with the Glossy Tints and I’ll surely bring one no matter what my agenda is.


A Poor Girl’s Lullaby

A Poor Girl’s Lullaby

City views give me a different kind of emotions. I wrote something about a normal person’s career struggle. How hard it is to achieve your dreams while also practically earning from it. Maybe most of us don’t like what we’re doing but we have to make a living.Ah, life. Sometimes, I don’t know.

Touch Move: How The Queen’s Gambit Captured the Heart of a Non-Chess Player

Touch Move: How The Queen’s Gambit Captured the Heart of a Non-Chess Player

“The strongest person is the person who isn’t scared to be alone.”

– Alice Harmon, The Queen’s Gambit

*trigger warning: this post may talk about childhood trauma*

If there is any good that this quarantine has brought us, it would be the luxury of time to binge watch anything in Netflix in the comfort of your own homes.

I am no chess player. Actually, when I was younger, I remembered that there was one time where my cousin attempted to teach me how to play chess. Basically, the movements of each piece, their capabilities and limitations, and how I never learned how to play it (lol). I did get a few but I couldn’t say I really know how. I can barely remember what a checkmate looks like.

But not knowing how to play did not stop me from watching The Queen’s Gambit. A netflix limited series. Initially, I thought I’ll get bored since I’m afraid not to understand the series. But the series hit my emotions more than just the art of playing chess itself. The Queen’s Gambit tackles a lot of emotions, subjects, realization and human experiences which I am very willing to discuss.

Let me try to discuss my opinion about the limited series, piece by piece.

It wasn’t all about chess

I’m sure there would be much excitement if the viewer knows how to play chess. Since some scenes show the board, one would probably know if the game is towards winning or losing. Since I don’t know how, I based my guess on their facial reactions — how their eyes talk and of course, the background music. But it wasn’t all about just the game itself. It talks about a lot of things.

The characters were distinct to one another

There aren’t many characters really. You can count the mains with your fingers but all of them showcased their personalities distinctly. Aside from Beth Harmon, who was the protagonist, my second pick would be her mom who was Alice Harmon. She had very few scenes in the whole series but every appearance turns into something. Her lines will hunt you. I love how weirdly she teaches young Beth things about life (like all the cruelty and sadness and misery). I think doing so enlightens children what it’s like to live even in their early age. Although we might want to tame down our teachings and make it subtle. Alice’s lines were straight forward and hardcore.

Childhood Trauma and how a it can be forever or not

There were a lot of scenes where Beth remembers what happened during her childhood like how problematic her Mom was and how growing up adopted affected her. Though it was minimal, the series was able to establish how someone remembers traumatic experiences from her past.

The use of drugs and alcohol and how we ran to it whenever, wherever

It wasn’t just Beth alone who became dependent on tranquilizers. But also her foster mother Alma Wheatley. Alma was a lonely human and was pretty much into alcohol to cope up with her emotions. In the latter part of the series, Beth had a time in her life when she became obsessed with alcohol. I think most people would relate to this — how we ran to alcohol whenever we feel sad or to painkillers when something hurts. We take strengths from earthly things.

Human’s thirst for victory

Beth always wanted to win her games. Whenever she loses, she studies again the game she had and what went wrong. Similarly to human beings, we are always thirsty to win and be successful. We always want to be number 1 because we think we can. This ideology can be for the good or the worse depending on how much we fuel ourselves to be the best in whatever endeavor.

We aren’t always the best, are we?

We can’t always win our battles. Over time as we age, we will encounter people who are better than what we do and it’s okay. We just have to accept that in life, even if we’re second best, our worth remains the same.

Friends, because we can’t do it all alone

Jolene, Benny, Harry, Townes and so much more were all rooting for Beth. In life, it is always nice to have people who got your back. At some point, all our achievements are bound to oblivion if no one was there to witness our success and failures. I love how some of the characters who were Beth’s former opponents turn into team mates.

I resign

A chess player says this phrase when there are no moves left for him which equates to defeat. In life, we all have moments where we want to quit. And even if quitting means losing, what else is left to do when the end game waiting is also a defeat?

Check your moves

The series showed how Beth envisions her moves in every game or during games where she might be losing. I think this technique also applies in life. We are free to make choices of what we want to do, achieve or even dream about. But in any path we take, we are our life’s only player. A reminder for each one of us to check our moves before someone else eats us alive.

I really enjoyed my time watching this series. It was suspenseful in not a scary way but in a sense that you are also rooting for the character and that you also feel bad every time she loses. I would definitely recommend The Queen’s Gambit to anyone who’s looking for something unique to watch.




If you’re following Sunnies Face for quite some time, you would know that they rarely tease their new product launches. They just drop it like bombs!

Recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of “take a closer look” posts from their instagram account showcasing their iconic Fluff Matte packaging. It was hard to score, if I’m being honest. I took a closer look and see very minimal to no difference at all.

Until they posted another teaser photo. I honestly thought it was your ordinary lip primer since the product does not have any color. That being said, I didn’t hope for it so much. I thought I guessed it right.

Then came their newsletter with all the shades of what I thought was just a lip primer. Lip Treat shookt me out of my office chair. Finally, a new lip product release from Sunnies Face! 

Introducing — Lip treat, a sheer healthy lip glow

In other terms, I would say the Sunnies Face Lip Treat feels like your regular lip balm, but elevated and made sophisticated. Because again, it’s Sunnies Face. They could drop products like bombs and it would still go sold out. They are THAT good.

Here’s my in depth review: (or as in depth as I can)


As usual, the packaging is very simple yet sleek. The box was shiny. I love how they tried to mimic the product’s feel already using the box alone. Fluff Matte and Lip Dip’s boxes were matte. The box was also colored similarly with the shade. It contains their ingredients, bar code, manufacturing and expiry dates, and PAO which is 18 months. Basically, all necessary legal stuff.


Lip Treat’s packaging is like Fulffmatte’s except it is thinner. Still feels heavy which gives that expensive feels in my opinion. It’s 2.8 grams by the way.


Alright, I gotta be extra honest at this point. In my opinion, it’s really just your regular lip balm. Like the only thing that made Lip Treat extra special among all the other lip balms in the market is that it’s Sunnies Face. There’s nothing really super fancy with the ingredients (Shea Butter, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Collagen, Vitamin E). It kinda feels sticky but tolerable. Coverage is very sheer. And by very, I mean you need to swipe maybe 4 times to get the actual sheen of color. It makes your lips look healthy. Definitely has weight since it’s moisturizing. I honestly expected it to be more light weight. But all in all, I find the stickiness bearable. It also doesn’t have scent.


It’s a lip balm in a sophisticated form. You wouldn’t expect stain from it. It’s safe to say to have this on for 3 hours without any activity that involves the lips. Once you eat or drink, it would definitely transfer.

Shade Range: 

Hand swatches from top to bottom: Chill, Juice, Chai

They released 6 shades of choice. In this post, I have Juice which is a berry rose, Chill which is natural beige and Chai which is warm chestnut. The other three shades are: Jellyfish which is creamy clear, Sakura which is a warm pink and Poppy which is a bright tangerine. My favorite among all the shades would be Juice. It has a sheen of color but looks very natural. I think all shades are very sheer coverage wise. It’s really more of a treatment rather than a dose of color to express one’s mood or personality.

Price Point

Each bullet of Lip Treat costs Php 395.00. I would have to admit that it’s expensive but not expensive enough to be high end. I don’t think it’s over priced personally because Sunnies Face’s branding has always been one of the god-tier local brands in the market. They know who their market is — which is a market that is willing to spend more than typical lip balms

Where to shop

You can cop Sunnies Face products on Lazada and through their stores.


I wouldn’t say each shade is to die for. I mean, since it’s a lip balm, you wouldn’t really expect much pigment from it. It’s more of a skincare for the lips with an added color. Maybe get 1 or 2 shades and that would suffice. I’d give this a 7/10.

Here ends my Sunnies Face’s Lip Treat Review. Don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter and hit the follow button to get more contents from me. You can also follow me on all of my socials @dayanginsatin.



Hello, you.

Meet the writer ♡

Welcome to Dayang in Satin. I am very delighted to see you here in my own safe e-space. Today is my launch day and I’ve thought that there is no better content than literally introducing myself, as the writer behind this piece. But more than anything else, I really appreciate you for checking out my website. I poured my heart in making this lifelong commitment and decision and I really hope you’ll enjoy your stay every time you visit Dayang. Welcome!

For starters, let me introduce myself. My name is Icon hiding in the name of Dayang (which is now no longer hidden). I am 22 years old and I want to be a lot of things — which is why I made Dayang. She will be my persona.

I started writing when I was still in elementary and discovered it accidentally. During those times, we were bombarded with a lot of essay writings and I didn’t know it was something I really enjoyed doing. All I know was, I liked writing down stuff and it’s something I can finish quickly. I didn’t understand back then why my classmates are having a hard time completing their essays when it was something I can finish in a few minutes. Until the school needed a roster of participants for essay writing competitions and I remembered my young, passionate self joining and trying to audition even if I don’t get picked as the representative. At first, I was into singing (lol, my goodness) until I realized, I know how to sing, but I’m not the best at singing. Remembering those things make me laugh so hard and cringe at myself as well. As in… why? (haha)

From then on, my writing hobby continued. It was something I thought I was good at. It was something I enjoyed doing. It’s like, among all the things I can do, writing is my best bet. I write whenever I can and whenever a spur of emotions visit me. So I took Mass Communication at college because it was the closest course I can get where I can still write and express my best self. True enough, I excel in my subjects that require written outputs.

But like all writers (even not professionally but at heart), we all have our lost moments. Some days, months, or even years, you just can’t write. I mean, you can produce content but it’s not something you’re really proud of or something that was easy for you to finish, or something you found joy with as you write. As for me, it was something I had been battling for quite some time. I stop, I was inconsistent and there’s no drive in me to even hold a pen and stare at a paper and write whatever comes to my mind.

Now that I am older, and growing older as I speak, I decided that I want to write forever. Even if not professionally. Even if I get no money and even if I can’t be called a writer as one. All I know is, I want to keep on writing and I want to materialize all the bursts of emotions I feel. I want to see them existing and re-read them when I’m old and more busy. I want to share it with people who like to read, want to write, looking for ideas or fuel for their emotions. In general, I want to keep on writing for as long as I can. I would never want to stop again or make myself think twice if this is something I’m good at.

Dayang in Satin is my safe space. This is mine. This is where my heart (that is not looking for anything in return) expresses itself the purest way possible. I’d lie if I say I don’t want to be the best or be known for this. Of course, I do! But my main goal as to why I made Dayang in Satin a reality is because I want to express myself through writing which I’ve been doing for so long. And no amount of doubt should stop me from doing so, because myself should be my biggest believer.

So welcome, you. If you’re someone who wants to write as well, I hope you do. I hope you will. I hope you’ll never stop doing you. I hope this introduction made you remember what you really like to do and motivates you to keep on doing it.

Hold on to your dreams and all sorts of things you want to be for yourself. You are an investment as well. Radiate your shine through all of your days.

Yours with great admiration,