January Faves

January Faves

I know I’m a few days late but here’s me trying to share with you my January Faves anyway! These are the few things I discovered and been loving lately.


I have tried a lot of Aloe Vera Gels in the market but among all, my most favorite one is from Mediheal. I sometimes change my moisturizer depending on my skin needs. If my skin is a little calm, I go with this one since my skin absorbs this easily. I love how lightweight and refreshing it is plus this would last for months for sure.

Make Up

I’ve been raving the Happy Skin Glossy Tint in my socials for the longest time because it’s something that I really really use and recommend to my friends. Among all the Happy Skin products I’ve tried, this one is the most worth it. It’s not too expensive plus it really finishes differently compared to other regular lip tints.


I’m currently in Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy already. It’s just so addicting. I watch it while I work and specially at night before I sleep. This one hits different since the characters are really unique from one another. My fave is Christina Yang and Alex Karev.

This podcast has been my go to podcast whenever I’m working and writing. The podcasters are Antoinette Jadaone and Juan Miguel Severo. I love how their content is super fun and chill and just entirely true. It feels like you’re actually hanging out with them as you listen.

This is actually a late discovery. It’s a show available at Amazon Prime called Modern Love. It is composed of different episodes based on real life events from essays submitted to New York Times. Real life stories hits me different and I really enjoy it. This balances my mood when Grey’s Anatomy is too heavy. Lol.

And that’s it for my January favorites!

SB Planner Flip-Through

SB Planner Flip-Through

It’s the time of the year where people who usually run to Starbucks for coffee….

to collect stickers per 1 drink, and in return, after collecting 19 stickers, they would get a planner or an organizer.

This is my third time getting a planner for Starbucks. I started year 2017 when I attempted writing again but actually fails. Lol. This has been Starbucks’ on going marketing scheme through the years and I am actually guilty of falling into it.

So here goes a 2021 SB Planner Flip-Through. Thanks to my workmates who donate their stickers for me. Now I don’t have to consume thousands of pesos for a planner.

Year Overview (Teavana Youthberry Planner)

Pretty much still the same compared to the other planners. The layout of the pages are still similar to what they have before except that the dates are updated, of course. Before the whole planner pages starts, it has an overview calendar of 2021.

Month Overview

Each month has a calendar overview as well. Followed by daily spaces for each day in that particular month.

daily spaces for planning or for journaling

It also have free coffee stickers, a bookmark and vouchers to consume all year round.

I personally love this planner because of the minimalist design. It’s handy and it’s not too heavy. The only problem I can see with the Teavana Youthberry planner is that it might get dirty fast because of the material and color.

I personally use planners as journals. Whatever I think of, I jot it down. Could be a sudden idea or a journal entry of what happened that day. I recommend using planners/ journals although not necessarily from Starbucks but having something to write down whatever inspires you or how are you feeling.

Few days left before we say adios to 2020. How are you coping so far?

Touch Move: How The Queen’s Gambit Captured the Heart of a Non-Chess Player

Touch Move: How The Queen’s Gambit Captured the Heart of a Non-Chess Player

“The strongest person is the person who isn’t scared to be alone.”

– Alice Harmon, The Queen’s Gambit

*trigger warning: this post may talk about childhood trauma*

If there is any good that this quarantine has brought us, it would be the luxury of time to binge watch anything in Netflix in the comfort of your own homes.

I am no chess player. Actually, when I was younger, I remembered that there was one time where my cousin attempted to teach me how to play chess. Basically, the movements of each piece, their capabilities and limitations, and how I never learned how to play it (lol). I did get a few but I couldn’t say I really know how. I can barely remember what a checkmate looks like.

But not knowing how to play did not stop me from watching The Queen’s Gambit. A netflix limited series. Initially, I thought I’ll get bored since I’m afraid not to understand the series. But the series hit my emotions more than just the art of playing chess itself. The Queen’s Gambit tackles a lot of emotions, subjects, realization and human experiences which I am very willing to discuss.

Let me try to discuss my opinion about the limited series, piece by piece.

It wasn’t all about chess

I’m sure there would be much excitement if the viewer knows how to play chess. Since some scenes show the board, one would probably know if the game is towards winning or losing. Since I don’t know how, I based my guess on their facial reactions — how their eyes talk and of course, the background music. But it wasn’t all about just the game itself. It talks about a lot of things.

The characters were distinct to one another

There aren’t many characters really. You can count the mains with your fingers but all of them showcased their personalities distinctly. Aside from Beth Harmon, who was the protagonist, my second pick would be her mom who was Alice Harmon. She had very few scenes in the whole series but every appearance turns into something. Her lines will hunt you. I love how weirdly she teaches young Beth things about life (like all the cruelty and sadness and misery). I think doing so enlightens children what it’s like to live even in their early age. Although we might want to tame down our teachings and make it subtle. Alice’s lines were straight forward and hardcore.

Childhood Trauma and how a it can be forever or not

There were a lot of scenes where Beth remembers what happened during her childhood like how problematic her Mom was and how growing up adopted affected her. Though it was minimal, the series was able to establish how someone remembers traumatic experiences from her past.

The use of drugs and alcohol and how we ran to it whenever, wherever

It wasn’t just Beth alone who became dependent on tranquilizers. But also her foster mother Alma Wheatley. Alma was a lonely human and was pretty much into alcohol to cope up with her emotions. In the latter part of the series, Beth had a time in her life when she became obsessed with alcohol. I think most people would relate to this — how we ran to alcohol whenever we feel sad or to painkillers when something hurts. We take strengths from earthly things.

Human’s thirst for victory

Beth always wanted to win her games. Whenever she loses, she studies again the game she had and what went wrong. Similarly to human beings, we are always thirsty to win and be successful. We always want to be number 1 because we think we can. This ideology can be for the good or the worse depending on how much we fuel ourselves to be the best in whatever endeavor.

We aren’t always the best, are we?

We can’t always win our battles. Over time as we age, we will encounter people who are better than what we do and it’s okay. We just have to accept that in life, even if we’re second best, our worth remains the same.

Friends, because we can’t do it all alone

Jolene, Benny, Harry, Townes and so much more were all rooting for Beth. In life, it is always nice to have people who got your back. At some point, all our achievements are bound to oblivion if no one was there to witness our success and failures. I love how some of the characters who were Beth’s former opponents turn into team mates.

I resign

A chess player says this phrase when there are no moves left for him which equates to defeat. In life, we all have moments where we want to quit. And even if quitting means losing, what else is left to do when the end game waiting is also a defeat?

Check your moves

The series showed how Beth envisions her moves in every game or during games where she might be losing. I think this technique also applies in life. We are free to make choices of what we want to do, achieve or even dream about. But in any path we take, we are our life’s only player. A reminder for each one of us to check our moves before someone else eats us alive.

I really enjoyed my time watching this series. It was suspenseful in not a scary way but in a sense that you are also rooting for the character and that you also feel bad every time she loses. I would definitely recommend The Queen’s Gambit to anyone who’s looking for something unique to watch.