New York

New York

I wanna bleed and write

and pour every word in my veins

I wanna be remembered

as the girl who writes pain

But I also wanna reach the sky

and fill the heavens with sunshine

I wanna live by the sea

and let the deep consume me

Or go to the city

and ask whores how they’re feeling

But maybe most of all

I wanna do something out of love

and be loved for it

Like turning you to poetry

and call it under your name


A Poor Girl’s Lullaby

A Poor Girl’s Lullaby

City views give me a different kind of emotions. I wrote something about a normal person’s career struggle. How hard it is to achieve your dreams while also practically earning from it. Maybe most of us don’t like what we’re doing but we have to make a living.Ah, life. Sometimes, I don’t know.